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seeing the music of mariachis.

You get music sheets for all the instruments including two kind of trumpets. Each music sheet is available in 7 key transpositions. You get 98 scores: individual parts, section parts, director scores and each one in 7 versions (key transpositions).

mariachi scores

music sheet for mariachis


Transposition is required to adequate a song to the particularly range of the singer (male or female). For example, I personally sing “Si nos dejan” in “F”  and J.Alfredo Jiménez recorded this song in “C”. You probably could need the song transposed into “B” or “D” ! So it is better to have 7 versions for this song, from the lowest to the highest key: A,B,C,D,E and F in this example. All the scores have been transposed into 7 keys.

14 scores

VIOLIN 3-4 scores in 7 key versions available:First violin, Second violin, Third violin (when exists) and Violins 1,2&3 all in same staff.

7 key versions available per score

TRUMPETS 6 scores in 7 key versions available:  First trumpet, Second trumpet, Trumpets 1&2 (same staff). This 3 scores in 2 versions concert-pitch and Bb trumpet.

GUITAR & VIHUELA 1 score in 7 key versions available: Chords and rhythm notation for the guitar and vihuela.

SINGER 1 score in 7 key versions available: Melody for the singer (and chorus if exist) with lyrics and chords. This one can be used also by guitarists!

ASSAMBLE 2 scores in 7 key versions available: The whole assemble in 2 versions. One with trumpet concert pitch and other with Bb trumpet

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GUITARRON 1 score in 7 key versions available: Guitarrón (mariachis bass) with chord notation.

Text Box: An exempel for our transcriptions is available for free! 
“Ella” HERE!